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It’s officially spring, and one thing’s for sure: South Jersey is absolutely breathtaking this time of the year! Spring is such a fleeting season, but it’s not difficult to appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounds us in this gorgeous and special part of New Jersey. No matter where you go, you’re bound to find something that astounds you, such as the long lilac clusters of wisteria or the blooming peach trees that line the streets of South Jersey.

The word “rural” and the state of New Jersey are not always synonymous, but in certain parts of South Jersey, the air feels fresher, the days feel lighter, and many sections look as though they were taken out of film featuring the countryside. It’s around this time of year that many of us look forward to long drives with loved ones to simply take in the surroundings and to visit the farmland that is easily accessible in this stunning part of the Garden State. In most cases, any instance of budding farmland is a short drive from many homes in South Jersey!

After the bizarre winter that we’ve had, it’s truly refreshing to feel like we’re being welcomed back to life with the fresh scent of blossoming flowers that fill the springtime air. Even the allergy sufferers of South Jersey can’t complain when they get to take in the beautiful scenery that is a native part our spring season. Farm stands are beginning to open up with fresh produce and blooming flowers in unbelievable hues, which is always an attraction for many. Speaking of attractions, Mullica Hill hosts an event called Second Saturday. This is a true springtime treat for all! Imagine the excitement that can be felt when you gaze through options of quality homemade food, artisan crafts, and tasteful antiques while picturesque crabapples sway in the short distance. In South Jersey, you can count on the springtime produce at these farm stands and seasonal events to be deliciously fresh and irresistible. The crafts are always woven with care.

There’s definitely a unique feel that comes with the springtime in South Jersey. This area is truly unlike any other in the Garden State – and we are graced with some of nature’s finest work. The rolling hills of South Jersey are quite a sight to behold, and we’re very lucky to have them as a natural part of our pastoral scenery.

Spring is always an indicator of lush beginnings and starting anew. One of the best ways that you can possibly celebrate the springtime is by experiencing it firsthand in South Jersey. With so much to do and so much to see, you’ll feel like you’re in the peaceful countryside without a worry in the world. And let’s be honest with ourselves: sometimes that countryside feeling is exactly what we need after the hustle and bustle of a long day.

You can’t deny how truly unique the springtime is in South Jersey and how its presence is immediately felt – not to mention how deeply appreciated it is after a long winter season! Living in South Jersey is an absolute dream come true for any homeowner during the springtime – after all, there are countless sights to see, events to attend, and chances to update your house with incredible landscaping. Every sunset you experience with loved ones from your private wooden deck or fenced-in backyard is an unparalleled paradise to witness and a true privilege to obtain. Nothing is as soothing and as special as the springtime in South Jersey; it is a true beauty to behold!


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