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Q&A with Scott Sherer, Realtor Sales Associate

Q: Professional Insights:
A:I absolutely love being able to use my intelligence to help navigate and protect my clients through the home buying or selling process. Being a father figure when working with first time home buyers and helping them through the process. Plus, I am emotionally invested and often become friends with my clients.

Q: 3 Words that describe you:
A: Caring, Articulate, Intelligent

Q: Things that make you smile:
A:Spending time with friends or Family, Vacationing someplace tropical, Learning something new, Making a difference with another person, Living life simply.

Q: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one and what would the headline read?
A: Sports Illustrated; White Men Can’t jump!

Q: Most interesting and fairly useless fact you’ve heard about anything?
A: The Giant Asian Wasp is a threat to the bee population in America

Q: Guilty pleasure of yours?
A: A day at the beach and a white house sub.

Q: Favorite quote? Why?
A: My father told me – “Never give anyone a reason to talk badly about you.”  Do I need to explain why???

Q: Favorite food?
A: Really, really good pizza.

Q: Favorite book? Why?
A: Anything by Michael Connelly. I love his Horatio Bosch character.

Q: Favorite movie? Why?
A: Nowhere In Africa. You gotta watch it to understand. It’s very moving

Q: Future Aspirations?
A: I love what I’m doing. It checks all the boxes of what’s important to me. I get to make a difference with others and make a living while doing so.


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