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*Nancy and seller must agree on price and timing. † Based on Bright MLS 2020

Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is an award-winning boutique real estate brokerage specializing in all facets of Southern New Jersey’s robust residential real estate market. Founded in 2016, the firm has quickly become one of the state’s leading independent brokerages, known for its home sale guarantee. Based on a pre-determined, agreed-upon price and timeframe, founder and president Nancy Kowalik guarantees the sale of her client’s home with the promise that the firm will purchase the property if it is not sold. Kowalik’s office culture focuses on teamwork and philanthropy. With 12 full-time agents working as a team, the firm promises 5-star service. Under Kowalik’s lead the group has given over $80,000 to a local non-profit since 2017 and has been an ongoing supporter of local High School and intramural sports programs.

Real Estate with Alexa Longerano

Real Estate with Alexa

Q&A with Alexa Longerano, Administrative Assistant

Real Estate with Alexa 


Q: Professional Insights:
A: I am at the front desk greeting all of our wonderful clients and I am the first person you will see. I’m a jack of all trades and do a little bit of everything to help everything run smoothly here.


Q: 3 Words That Describe You:
A: Outgoing, caring, kind

Q: Things that make you smile:
A:  My family but especially my husband Joe and nephew Dominic, My 2 dogs Zano & Kali and anything involving Walt Disney World or the beach

Q: Most interesting and fairly useless fact you’ve heard about anything?
A: Oreo has made enough cookies to span five back and forth trips to the moon. (Oreos are my favorite cookie!)

Q: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one and what would the headline read?
A: WDW Magazine – “Bringing magic your way”

Q: Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?
A:I can throw a football like a quarterback. (Truth – people would ask my dad if I played football when we would have a pass together on the beach)

Q: Goofy or guilty pleasure of yours?
A: There is a few… I really enjoy baking. I started gardening last summer and now it is something I love doing. I find it very therapeutic. Also, just being on a beach is heaven to me.

Q: Favorite quote?
A: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney.
As I get older I realize there’s so much you can do when you believe in yourself. The more you think you can, you can. Without courage and confidence, you limit yourself to how much you really can do.

Q: Favorite food?
A: That’s SO tough because I LOVE food but tacos, pizza, and gnocchis They are just my go-tos when I want Mexican or Italian!

Q: Favorite book?
A: I’m not a big reader but if I do read the book is typically about how to improve in different aspects of my life like marriage, happiness, and self-growth.

Q: Future Aspiration?
A: I hope to be at a place with my career where I feel happy and can make a difference. Something I always pictured in my life was being a mom, so growing a family is something I really look forward to in my future.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: I am more of a documentary person but one of my favorite movies is The Dark Knight. I really couldn’t tell you why but I love Christian Bale in it and I think Heath Ledger’s acting is absolutely incredible. I never get tired of watching it no matter how many times I do.

Real Estate With Alexa

Real Estate with Alexa

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