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Real Estate with John Williams. He loves to talk. He loves his career.

Read more about what makes John who he is!

Real Estate with John

Q & A with John Williams, Realtor Associate

Professional Insights: I love the freedom of this business and I love the personal interactions. By nature I love helping people and I think that is a big part of it. I got my license in August of 2017 as a part time agent. Going full time in August of 2019, has been a “breaking of the chains” experience. I have truly found my niche


Q: 3 Words that describe you:




Q: Things that make you smile:

A:  Client Satisfaction.
Achievement of personal goals.
Vacationing with family.
When any of the Chicago sports teams win.

Q: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one and what would the headline read?

A:   Fortune: “Defying Gravity”

Q: Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?

A: I can make the staff laugh hysterically with little to no effort.

Q: Goofy or guilty pleasure of yours?

A: Having a beverage of choice with a client or two. 

Q: Favorite quote? Why?
A: “You get 100% of nothing when you ask for nothing.”

I say this to clients whenever we negotiate for things in a deal. You have to ask and take chances in real estate negotiations. You get nothing if you never ask.

Q: Favorite food? Why?

A: Pizza! Because it is the greatest combination of ingredients. Just like people I never had a pizza I didn’t like. I just prefer some over others.

Q: Favorite book? Why?

A: I love reading books about History and spiritual enlightenment.

Q: Future Aspirations?

A: To get my Broker’s License.

Q: Favorite movie? Why?

A:  Star Wars

It’s just a fun story of good vs evil. But I am not inclined to say the Sith are evil.

Real Estate With John



Real Estate With John



Check out this Video with John Williams

Real Estate with John Williams

John is also a dedicated Civil Servant as a Harrison Township Committeeman.  Read more about him here:

Harrison Township Committee 2021
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