Gloucester County is experiencing explosive growth in the luxury real estate market, and broker Nancy Kowalik is here to guide you through it.

Charmed by the historic downtown, close-knit community and top-tiered school district, Nancy Kowalik made Mullica Hill her home over twenty years ago. Today, she is owner and broker of the successful, boutique real estate agency Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group. Headquartered in a distinctive 300-year-old Victorian on Main Street, Kowalik has built her business in the heart of her community.

Gloucester County—one of South Jersey’s largest districts—is known by its residents as a community of great restaurants, fresh local produce, idyllic vineyards and ideal proximity to locations such as Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. It is occasionally overlooked by its more recognized counterparts such as Cherry Hill. However, change is coming; an “explosive growth,” Kowalik says.

Spurred by the vast expansion of Rowan University and major investments by Inspira Health Network, Gloucester County is indisputably experiencing unprecedented development.

Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill is set to bring a cutting-edge medical facility to the area later this year, along with countless jobs. Rowan University has brought immeasurable growth to its home of Glassboro and investment from third parties. Notably, the university has partnered with Comcast on ‘MOTUS’, a project set to create a 5,000 seat athletic stadium, multiple athletic fields, restaurants and infrastructure. As an area that was once singularly defined by its deep agricultural roots, Mullica Hill is at the vanguard of Gloucester County’s growth and transformation. This is taking form most notably in its real estate industry.

“The luxury real estate market is the clearest display of this shift,” Kowalik explains. “Our top-tiered school districts and numerous conveniences have always attracted a certain market, but now more than ever are we seeing the residual benefits of community expansion. It’s pushing our housing stock further. We are experiencing increased interest in luxury product, with many people pursuing newer, upgraded homes. It’s creating real excitement. People come here and say, ‘This is where I want to be.’”

With the influx of a high-end market, the community is thriving as a whole. “We used to pride ourselves on the fact that one had to drive over twenty minutes to buy a gallon of milk in this area. We did not even have a grocery store,” Kowalik recalls. “Today, all of this has changed. While the rich history and rural landscape remains abundant, modern convenience is everywhere.”

As a proven expert within her community, potential residents often ask Kowalik what sets Gloucester County apart from surrounding districts.

“I always answer with the same question—what is important to you? If you are looking to live in a spacious home resting on over an acre lot in an incredible community with a fantastic school district, then this could be the place for you,” Kowalik says.“The fact is, these amenities are not available everywhere. In Mullica Hill, they are guaranteed.”

As more people recognize the advantages of living in South Jersey, Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group has been able to grow into the successful real estate brokerage it is today. “I’ve been extremely fortunate with my business, and as such, I’ve always placed importance on philanthropy and giving back to the community,” Kowalik says.

“For years, we’ve worked closely behind the scenes with Robins’ Nest, an incredible organization that supports the community in a variety of measures. However, at the beginning of 2018, my goal was to raise awareness. I decided to set aside a portion of commission from every home sale and purchase that went through my agency, and in turn, raise $15,000 by year end. As the year went on, business partners, clients and agents all began to contribute. Ultimately, we were able to give over $23,000 to Robins’ Nest during our annual client holiday party. Everyone came together and truly demonstrated that this business is not just about a paycheck or an office. It is about the community at large.”

For Kowalik, when she reflects on the generosity of her community across the board, she sees it as something indicative of living in Gloucester County. “When someone is in need, the network that we have here is amazing and people step up very quickly; they give back. For me, that is most valuable part of any community.”


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