When childhood dreams become reality, it’s clear there is something special in the works. Growing up with aspirations of starting a successful business together, Jane Campbell and Tracy Teesdale are two sisters who have transformed this goal into their reality. Three years ago, Jane and Tracy started JT Catering, and they have not looked back since.

JT Catering

JT Catering: Jane & Tracy’s Story

For as long as they each can remember, Jane Campbell and Tracy Teesdale have been inspiring others through food. Long before JT Catering came to life, family and friends have constantly asked the sisters to host events and share their beloved recipes.

“We have such a large family, and some of our most wonderful memories are of watching our mother serve dinners daily to our family of eight, as well as holiday dinners for extended family members,” the sisters recount.

Their mother’s love of family and food has passed straight onto the sisters. This love is at the core of JT Catering, and represented in everything they do.

“Our business ideas have included opening a book store, a clothing & home goods boutique, and even a restaurant. But after years of constant requests for meals and preparations, JT Catering is something that just seemed right for us.”

When they are not preparing food, Tracy is a Health and Physical Education Teacher and Jane is a retired educator. Their chosen career paths could be a huge part of the reason they place such an emphasis on the value of “home cooked meals”, healthy and fresh ingredients, and the dietary needs of their customers.

“Our mission is to create custom menus in order to provide delicious and healthy food that can be enjoyed by everyone at the table. We work with each customer to plan a menu that reflects their personal taste and style, but will also meet the dietary needs of their guests. We also strive to make each event a complete success by making sure the presentation of the food looks as good as it tastes.”

JT Catering
Tracy Teesdale and Jane Campbell, owners of JT Catering

JT Catering: “Simply Delicious”

In two words, JT Catering is ‘Simply Delicious’.  The food they create is healthy, tasty, and pushing the boundaries of creativity. JT Catering aims to innovate and amaze, by creating menus that everyone at the table can appreciate. By incorporating fresh and healthy ingredients into their food, they are able to accommodate to the needs of any party while still serving delicious food. Also, this extra care allows them to take consideration into food allergies and preferences, so that everyone can enjoy their creations.

JT Catering
‘Jersey Fresh’ Caprese Salad by JT Catering

Event Catering: Adding a Special Touch to Your Special Day

Frequent events catered include:

  • Bridal & Baby Showers
  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
  • Bridal Brunches
  • Birthday Parties
  • Wine Tasting Parties
  • Small Corporate Functions
  • And More…

What is the sisters’ favorite type of event to cater?  Bridal Morning Brunches.

“These events are small and very special. We prepare small, non-bloating treats for the bride and her party to eat while getting ready for the big day.”

For us, we would love to try these mini pancakes for brunch!

Mini Pancakes by JT Catering
Mini Pancakes by JT Catering


Jane and Tracy really love to take part in any family celebration, shower, party, even funeral gatherings.  They enjoy offering a variety of small foods so that guests can try a number of items.

“Our style of catering is very different from what most of the catering businesses in the area offer,” Jane says. The two sisters are set apart by their care for the simple gestures, relationships with their clients, and their professional and efficient service.

“They are certainly shining their light on everyone around them,” says Jane’s son.

What’s Next for Jane and Tracy?

“Our dream is to create a venue where our clients can hold small events, a place where they can come to us more often than we are going to other places to cater,” says Jane.

This dream may not be far in the future for the sisters, who clearly have a way of turning their dreams into reality. Since starting their business three years ago, they’ve grown tremendously. From weddings to holidays, more people are learning of their services and looking to add their “home cooked” touch to their events.

Jane and Tracy’s loved ones do not see them slowing down anytime soon, and are confident the ladies will achieve anything they put themselves to.

As Mullica Hill residents and a fellow small business, this is the type of story that inspires us to put everything into our own work and watch how it pays off. Plus, we’re happy to know an amazing meal is only a phone call away!

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears by JT Catering
Prosciutto Wrapped Pears by JT Catering

Our Incredible Experience with JT Catering

Lucky for us, we were able to feature JT Catering at our Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group Client Holiday Party this December 6. Trust us, we cannot wait to try the Green Goddess Dip, Bacon Wrapped Dates, & the rest of the custom menu that Jane and Tracy prepared for us. From start to finish, we can personally account that they took every detail of our event into consideration. Furthermore, they were so graciously flexible when our guest list nearly doubled from the original number we had provided. We would wholeheartedly recommend Jane and Tracy to anyone looking to cater their next event!

We seriously encourage you to see their work on Facebook, and on their Instagram Account @J_TCatering!

JT Catering


*This article was inspired by Jane & Tracy, as well as an AMAZING profile done by Jane’s son. All pictures are from their Instagram account*
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