Mullica Hill is experiencing explosive growth in the luxury real estate market, and broker Nancy Kowalik is here to guide you through it.

Mullica Hill Luxury

Charmed by the historic downtown, close-knit community, and top-tiered school district, I made Mullica Hill my home over twenty years ago.

As a long-time resident, it’s incredible to reflect on the many ways our community has changed throughout the decades. Do you remember the days when we would fondly pride ourselves on driving over twenty minutes to buy a gallon of milk?

While we’ve always been known for our historic downtown and close-knit community, we are certainly growing into a district full of great restaurants, fresh local produce, idyllic vineyards, and of course, an abundance of wonderful people.

In 2018, all of these things truly put Mullica Hill on the map. More than ever, people are coming here and saying, “This is where I want to be.

As such, our real estate agency Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is busier than ever.

So, what can Mullica Hill expect for 2019?

Big change, and explosive growth

1. Cutting-Edge Medical Facility Brings Countless Jobs to Town

Inspira Health Network has laid the groundwork for Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill. Set to open in 2019, this breakthrough medical facility will transform healthcare in our area. As a result, an unprecedented number of jobs will be created.

How does this impact our real estate market? Simply put, more jobs means more people will be hoping to move to town. More opportunity also means that more people will be in a position to upgrade to bigger, newer homes.

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2. Rowan University Sparks MOTUS Project

In 2018, Rowan University partnered with Comcast on ‘MOTUS’, a project set to create a 5,000 seat athletic stadium, multiple athletic fields, restaurants, and infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, Rowan University has grown exponentially over the past decade, and with this project that is only set to continue. As the university expands, our surrounding town will benefit in multiple ways.

Jobs will be created, businesses will have more customers, and luxury homes will be in higher demand.

Map of MOTUS Project

3. Luxury Real Estate is Hotter Than Ever

Our top-tiered school districts and numerous conveniences have always attracted a certain market, but now more than ever are we seeing the residual benefits of community expansion. It’s pushing our housing stock further.

We are experiencing increased interest in luxury product, with many people pursuing newer, upgraded homes. It’s creating real excitement.

Mullica Hill Luxury

In 2019, we see the demand for luxury homes focused on specific conveniences. Upgraded Gourmet Kitchens and stunning outdoor spaces with In-Ground Pools and Acre+ lots are now the expectation.

Smart homes are growing increasingly popular, and privacy is being valued more than ever. Demand is increasingly high for homes tucked away in enclaves and neighborhoods, as oppose to anything on a major road. These trends are expected to continue throughout the year.

1625 Commissioners Rd_Aerial_Delivered-1

Without a doubt, 2019 is set to be a busy year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

About Nancy Kowalik

Nancy Kowalik specializes in Mullica Hill Luxury Real Estate, so if you are interested in purchasing or selling a luxury property, give Nancy a call.  She will provide a Free Home Valuation to determine the current estimated value of your home, and introduce you to the finest luxury properties on the market.

To get started, call Nancy at (856) 478-6562 and mention Happening in the Hill! You can also follow her on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest in luxury real estate.

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