Try to think back to the moment you decided to move to Mullica Hill….

What was it that sealed the deal? Was there one thing in particular that made you say, “This is where I want to call home”?

For me, the decision was instant. There were so many things I fell in love with about our town, and so many reasons I wanted to raise my family in this community.

Although Mullica Hill has certainly changed since my first year here, there are still so many reasons people are choosing to settle in our town. Expectedly, some of these are situational to each home buyer, but there is definitely a common thread that runs through people’s wish lists when considering this area.

So, what are the top 3 reasons people want to move to Mullica Hill in 2019?

Mullica Hill

3. Upgrades

If you’re an HGTV loyalist, there’s no denying you’ve heard the term ‘Move-In Ready’ used on more than one occasion.

Shows such as House Hunters have helped shape buyers’ expectations, and Mullica Hill is no exception. In today’s market, turnkey homes are the standard. Buyers are simply not looking for a project or a renovation they are going to have to pour money into.

One of the most important factors for buyers in our area is the amount of upgrades within a home, especially in regard to kitchens and bathrooms. Because these rooms are some of the most expensive to renovate, buyers do not want to have to factor in these additional costs on top of the base price of the home. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and gorgeous cabinetry are just some of the amenities on the top of buyers’ lists.



This does not mean that there are not certain buyers out there who do not fall into this category. Some people still love the idea of starting from scratch and designing their home exactly to their liking. Nonetheless, in Mullica Hill you can expect a home with upgrades to sell quicker than one without.

2. Privacy

Winding through the streets of Mullica Hill, you will pass through our charming historic downtown, acres of stunning farmland, and beautiful homes. The wide open space of our area makes this one of the most gorgeous corners of South Jersey.

1625 Commissioners Rd_Aerial_Delivered-1

This level of privacy is a huge factor amongst buyers in our town.

Not only are buyers able to find that perfect small-town charm, there are so many open acres, that it is possible to have your dream home plus all the land you desire.

The ideal situation for many Mullica Hill buyers is to be set back off any main roads, tucked away in their own private enclave. A castle set back beyond a moat, if you will.

And the number one reason home buyers come to Mullica Hill?

1. School District

The quality of the Clearview School District speaks for itself. Consistently ranked as one of the best school districts in South Jersey for top academic programs, teachers, extracurricular activities, and more – It is no wonder Clearview is at the top of every list.

Clearview Regional High School

Families that are looking for an amazing community to raise their children, plus one of the best school systems in South Jersey, moving to Mullica Hill is the best option by far.

If you know anyone looking to make Mullica Hill his or her home, refer them to Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group. We’ll be sure to show the best of the Hill!

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