Homes for sale in the Washington Township school district in Gloucester County, NJ. This established school district serves families located in Washington Township, NJ. 

Homes for Sale in Washington Township School District

The Washington Township School District serves families located in Washington Township, NJ.  This school district serves students in six through twelfth grade. Schools within the district include Orchard Valley Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge Middle SchoolBunker Hill Middle School, and Washington Township High School.

The mission of the Washington Township Public Schools is to provide a safe, positive, and progressive environment that provides opportunity for all students to attain the knowledge and skills specified in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the New Jersey State Learning Standards at all grade levels, as to ensure their full participation in an ever changing world as responsible, self-directed, and civic-minded citizens per the district’s website.

Homes for Sale in the Washington Township High School District Area