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Q&A with Barbara Ernst Pucilowski, Realtor Associate


Q: Professional Insights:
A: I came from the medical field to work with Nancy about two years ago. I have learned a tremendous amount and continue to do so, however if Nancy didn’t have a well-functioning, productive, and supportive team, I would have never been successful. I have always worked with the public and enjoy it. I love working with all types of properties, however my specialty is ‘As-Is’ properties. NKREG is a team which provides excellent customer service and gives back to the community and I am very proud to be a part of the team.


Q: 3 Things that make you who you are:

A: Faith and Family Roots

Strong communication and Educable:  Always willing to learn

Straight forward but compassionate to others needs.


Q: Things that make you smile:

A:   Giving back

Helping others

Participating in Special causes

Family, Friends, and being around good people (Great Food and company)

East Hampton Georgica Beach in Long Island, NY


Entertainment: The Arts, Concerts, Shows, Plays, Museums, etc.


Q: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one and what would the headline read?

A: “Technology: How Barbara Finally Conquered Using Technology”


Q: Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?

A: I can hold my fingers straight and just bend the top joint.


Q: Goofy or guilty pleasure of yours?

A: Estate sales, auctions & finding new things to do- especially new places to eat!


Q: Favorite quote?
A: “Doesn’t cost you anything to be kind. Decisions made with kindness are generally better.”


Q: Favorite food?

A: Name the restaurant and I’ll tell you! (Lol) I love homemade Italian and American food.


Q: Favorite book?

A: Too Many to list lately I just reread Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
I love History… recently read some of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan, Lincoln, Kennedy


Q: Favorite movie?

A: Too many to mention, but I enjoy The Original Star Wars Trilogy a lot.

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