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Q&A with Lori Tworzydlo, Realtor Associate


Q:  Words that describe you:
A: Strong family values. Truly knowledgeable of South Jersey region. People person- LOVE meeting new people.

Q: Things that make you smile:
A: Family. Creating things by hand- woodworking, gardening, anything DIY. Foodie- Love customizing my closings by preparing food for my clients. Any and all Animals. Volunteering.

Q: If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which one and what would the headline read?
A: Woodworking Magazine – Mother and son build Modern bungalow from the ground up.

Q: Future Aspirations?
A: Build and sell custom furniture

Q: Most interesting and fairly useless fact you’ve heard about anything?
A: The largest piece of Sponge candy is in Buffalo NY (Fowlers)

Q: Fairly useless but unique skill or trick?
A: I have none.

Q: Goofy or Guilty Pleasrue of Yours?
A: Take everyday items and make something out of it

Q: Favorite quote? Why?
A: Life doing it together (I made this quote up using the first intials of our family members :L-Lori D-David(Husband) I-Ian (son) and T-Tyler (son)

Q: Favorite food? Why?
A: Homemade chicken and dumplings were a favorite childhood meal

Q: Favorite book?
A: The Red Tent loved how each woman contributed their strengths to make Family strong

Q: Favorite movie? Why?
A: Book of Eli, loved the perseverance to genuinely believe in something


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