It’s no secret – Owning a home is not cheap. As real estate agents, we are constantly looking to make sure our clients are making the most of their money. One aspect of this means factoring all costs into a budget – from the mortgage, to the taxes, to the utilities. While the price of a home and taxes are almost always set in stone, there are definitely ways to improve the average monthly cost of your utility bills each month.

How to Save on Your Electric Bill

How You Can Save Big with Atlantic City Electric’s Quick Home Energy Check-Up Program

During the home search process, clients often want to know a home’s average monthly cost of utilities. This number is very important, as some homes are extremely energy efficient. On the other hand, some will cost you.

‘Green’ homes with new, energy-saving technologies are becoming increasingly popular. In our area, we’ve even started to see more and more homes with solar panels. These changes can make a huge difference each month on your electric bill, bringing it as low as $2/month.

It’s true, some of these ‘green’ features may be a bit expensive to install. Yet, there are still many easy and free ways to save on your electric bill.

Fortunately for South Jersey residents, Atlantic City Electric is making it easier than ever.

Now, you can sign up to save money for free through their ‘Quick Home Energy Check Up Program’.

How does the Quick Home Energy Check-Up program work?

    1. Request an appointment online through, or call and schedule at 1 (855) 861-0151.

    2. A Trained Energy Analyst from one of Atlantic City Electric’s participating contractors will come out to your home (for free), and:
    • Assess your home’s energy usage
    • Provide you with a summary report explaining the findings
    • Identify ways you can reduce energy use and costs
    • With your permission, install energy efficient products
      • Install energy savings products may include LED light bulbs, pipe wrap for your electric hot water heater, efficient flow shower heads, faucet aerators and power strips.

    How easy is that?

    To learn more about this exciting new program visit and click on the Ways to Save Button and follow For Your Home.  Follow Atlantic City Electric on Facebook at and on Twitter Atlantic City Electric’s mobile app is available at

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