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Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is an award-winning boutique real estate brokerage specializing in all facets of Southern New Jersey’s robust residential real estate market. Founded in 2016, the firm has quickly become one of the state’s leading independent brokerages, known for its home sale guarantee. Based on a pre-determined, agreed-upon price and timeframe, founder and president Nancy Kowalik guarantees the sale of her client’s home with the promise that the firm will purchase the property if it is not sold. Kowalik’s office culture focuses on teamwork and philanthropy. With 12 full-time agents working as a team, the firm promises 5-star service. Under Kowalik’s lead the group has given over $80,000 to a local non-profit since 2017 and has been an ongoing supporter of local High School and intramural sports programs.

Gifting Acenda NKREG (Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group) did it again! This has become a tradition for Nancy and the Team at NKREG and every year it gets bigger!

Every year Nancy Kowalik and her team donate to their philanthropic choice, Acenda Integrated Health (formerly Robin’s Nest, Inc.)They do it by taking a portion from each transaction they settle and keeping it for Acenda.

An Outdoor Celebration Preludes Gifting Acenda, NKREG Knows How to Throw a Party!

This year the VIP Client Holiday Appreciation Party was held completely outdoors.  There was a DJ playing a combination of popular music and Holiday favorites.

Cousins Main Lobster and  and El Fuoco Dentro Wood Fire Pizza had their food trucks there, serving their specialties.

Gifting Acenda NKREG
Cousins Main Lobster Roll
Gifting Acenda NKREG pizza from El Fuoco
Wood Fired Pizza from Il Fuoco Dentro

Award winning wine from Plagido’s Winery was flowing. There were masked covered smiles everywhere.

K Artocin Photograhy was in the beautifully decorated barn snapping family photos, with only one family in the barn at a time.

Kristin from K Artocin Photography

Here’s a group shot of the team taken by K Artocin:

An Emotional Speech about Gifting Acenda

With her growing team behind her and her loyal clients for life in front of her Nancy Kowalik gave an emotional speech.

“This party is always fun, because we get to enjoy each other, and not have to worry about dealing with stress. I get a little emotional at this time, This is not stressful, this is fun. Right?” Kowalik said

“Yes.” The crowd responded.

“You’ve all seen me a little emotional..” Kowalik continued.

“We love you!” Someone commented.

“I love you all too.” Kowalik Responded.

“In all sincerity, the thing that I love to do every event of the end of the year is thank all of you that are here.  The people behind me that work with me.  The people in front of me that entrust us with their business and their futures, no matter what they are doing, upsizing, downsizing, side-izing whatever it is we appreciate appreciate your business and trust, the team’s trust.”

“More than that, we know that everything we do makes a difference over the community. And so a long time ago, I started a tradition, and  more recently I started talking about this tradition and, that is, of giving back to the community.  Acenda, which I still say was Robins’ Nest, 20 years ago, a group that worked with teenagers that were in tough positions, or Veterans that were in tough positions. People who fall through the cracks elsewhere that need help and they look to the community to make a difference.”

“Now what I love about this group is that they are not looking for a handout, they are looking for a hand UP, that means if you’re working hard, like all of us here do. If you’re working hard at school or your job whatever it is, you are, in fact, doing the best you can for you. And some of us need help with that foundation, right?  And not everybody has that foundation. Acenda, Robin’s Nest, makes that difference.”

“I vowed a long time ago to take a portion of every piece of business that we do and give it back to the local community. Now they couldn’t be here tonight because of Covid. They’re normally here, and I respect that. They deal with a lot of different people and they don’t want to put those people at risk.”

Everyone’s a Part of This Check

“All of you get to learn that you’re part of this check.  I will be candid, my goal was $30,000 for this year.  Last year it was twenty three and change.

So every year I want it to be bigger and better, because that’s just who I am. We’re at $28,900.”  Kowalik proudly said.

The crowd cheered. “Woohoo!” “Yes!”

Kowalik continued, ”Every single one of you has had a hand in this check, so thank you for your trust, your business. My goal is still to make $30,000 before the year end, to give to this local community to make a difference to people that are really working hard for themselves and need just a hand up.”

“Thanks for being here tonight.  Thanks for being safe.  Thanks for your business and your trust.

Happy Holidays!  Go out and enjoy the rest of it. Woo hoo!” Kowalik joyfully concluded, “Thank you guys! Thank you so much! Have a great night!”

The crowd cheered again, the music resumed and the festivities continued.  The party was supposed to end at 8:00, but the DJ continued, and there was even some Karaoke entertainment.

Kowalik and her team successfully pulled off another great VIP Holiday Client Appreciation Party, and a good time was had by all!

Watch Kowalik’s Emotional Gifting Acenda Speech Here:


If you would like to gift Acenda, click on this link:

Acenda's Donation Page

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Click Here:

NKREG VIP Client Holiday Party


Acenda Representative Accepts the Check from Nancy Kowalik

On Thursday December 10, 2020, Hannah from Acenda Integrated Health accepted the check from Nancy Kowalik. Since the party, the group settled several more properties and raised the donation to $32,300, exceeding their original goal of $30,000!

Gifting Acenda Small and mighty The Acenda donation check
Nancy Kowalik Broker/Owner of Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group presents the firm’s yearly philanthropy check to Hannah Kohl, Marketing Specialist for Acenda Integrated Health.


Nancy gave an emotional speech live on Facebook.  Hannah graciously accepted on behalf of Acenda.

Watch the video here:

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