Pitman Craft Fairs are one of the town’s longest standing, most iconic events. They bring in vendors, visitors, and crafters from all over Gloucester County. Uptown Pitman hosts two craft shows each year, one in Spring and one in Fall. This year, we attended the Fall 2018 event and enjoyed the food, crafts, and neighborhood gathering that only Pitman could create.

Lori Poisker Memorial Pitman Craft Show 2018

For more than 40 years, Pitman has been hosting one of the area’s most beloved traditions – the Pitman Craft Show. Today, the tradition has expanded with the town’s Uptown district, which is currently booming from treasured local businesses and eateries.

This year, we attended the Fall Craft Show, held on September 15. Local favorites such as Alaura Kitchen and The Pitman Waterice Station were there scooping their famous ice creams and water ice to help visitors stay cool.

Pitman Waterice Station

Endgrain Coffee was serving up coffee and Attilio’s Pizza and Pasta had fresh slices ready to go.

One of Pitman’s most iconic landmarks, The Broadway Theatre, pulled out all the stops with a table full of theatre participants who had a prize giveaway and bags for visitors to take home and use to carry their purchases.

Broadway Theatre Pitman

As someone, who has spent years going to the Craft Fair, it’s amazing to see how more than ever the community has come together to put on such a memorable event. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many vendor booths and amazing crafts as those at this year’s show.Pitman is a town that strongly embodies what it means to be a community, and this event truly highlights that.

This fall, over 300 vendors, crafters, food trucks, local organizations, businesses and more came out to support the event. Many embraced the fall spirit, by bringing Halloween themed and fall themed crafts and items.

Pumpkins at Pitman Craft Fair

Scarecrows at Pitman Craft Fair

Mums at Pitman Craft Fair

So many of the crafters took their products to the next level. There was handmade furniture, decorative pieces, and many, many wreathes.

Wreathes at Pitman Craft Fair

Pumpkins at Pitman Craft Fair Wine Rack at Pitman Craft Fair

You can find the full list of vendors on Uptown Pitman’s website and app. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next Spring for the next craft show if you didn’t make it to this one.

However, if that’s too long to wait – you’re in luck. Every 4th Friday of every month, Pitman hosts their famous Fourth Friday Uptown events. According to the event organizers, you can “Come stroll along Broadway & enjoy live music, awesome vendors, classic cars, art, great shops, old fashioned games, good restaurants, beer, and wine. It’s big time, small town fun!!!!”

Pitman is one of Gloucester County’s treasures, and hopefully it is clear why. See you at the next Uptown Pitman event!

Tent at Pitman Craft Fair

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